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Skimpy Bikini

The Skimpy Bikini became a real trend in 2021 and in 2022 these pieces are back hotter than ever . It’s totally normal to see actresses or famous women, like Kim Kardashian, using this type of bikini

For that reason, on  Cia Marítima’s website you can find the highest quality skimpy bikinis, in different colors and prints, and most with UV protection, to create the most incredible summer look ever. 

How to match a skimpy bikini?

To mix and match a skimpy bikini you have to think about three different things: color and print, model and your style. The first step is to create a set with matching colors and prints. 

After that you have to choose a top bikini which matches with a bikini bottom, you can use a skimpy bikini bottom with a crop top or a bandeau. Finally, remember, you have to feel comfortable with  your choice, so go for the types of bikini tops and bottoms you think will fit you best.  

Buy your skimpy bikini at Cia Marítima US

At Cia Marítima you will find many different skimpy bikini options, in different colors and prints, to create your own set and get the perfect outfit for hanging out at the beach with family or friends. 

If you prefer more coverage, here you will find hot pants and one-piece swimsuits. Besides that, we also offer dresses, shorts, skirts and accessories to match and create the perfect summer look.  


Where to buy swimsuits online?

The best place to buy your swimsuits online is Cia Marítima. Here you will find the highest quality, durability, assortment of colors and prints and most pieces with UV protection.  

Where to buy Brazilian bikinis?

At Cia Marítima you find the perfect skimpy bikini, the Brazilian bikinis. This  is perfect for women who want to show a little more skin during sunny days at the beach. 

What is the most comfortable swimwear?

Comfortable swimwear is the one that fits you best, which makes you feel confident, powerful and pretty. Don’t worry about what other people think you just go out there and rock your best look and vibes. 

How do you pick beachwear?

To pick the right beachwear you have to know where you are going. For a pool party, pick a skimpy bikini, kaftan and flip flops. To chill downtown, prefer a one-piece swimsuit, pants and  high heels.

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