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Triangle Bikini

The triangle bikini top is a must-have. These pieces can be worn in different ways and are totally in summer style. Tying the traditional triangle bikini top in different ways will allow you to create many different looks with just one top. 

At Cia Marítima you can find high quality, different colors and prints of triangle bikinis and most with UV protection. All for you to look pretty and fashionable all summer long.

Different ways to tie a triangle bikini top

Making different looks with one piece is possible if you buy a triangle bikini top and tie them in many ways. The most common ways to tie are:

  1. Bikini hack - the scoop neck;
  2. Tie a triangle top into a bandeau bikini
  3. The upside-down bikini top trend;
  4. Secure the straps over the shoulders so they stop hurting your neck;
  5. Alleviate the neck pain with the crossed back.

How to match a triangle bikini top?

With many ways to tie your triangle top it is not so hard to find a bikini bottom to match. The first step is to mix and match the colors and prints, for example, if you prefer a solid color for the top choose a printed bottom. 

The second step is to choose a bottom type that matches with the top. Do you  prefer a tie side bikini or hot pants, for more coverage. 

Buy your triangle bikini top at Cia Marítima US

At Cia Marítima you can buy your triangle bikini top in many colors and prints, and find the bikini bottom to mix and match. Besides these pieces, you can find other swimwear, like one piece swimsuits

To create a perfect summer look, check out our resort wear available on our website, like shorts, dresses, kaftan, pants and of course, the accessories. 


Where to buy swimsuits online?

Cia Marítima is the best place to buy your swimsuits online. Here you can find a variety of colors and prints, high quality and UV protection in most of our pieces. 

Where to buy Brazilian bikinis?

Besides swimsuits and different types of bikini, in our website you can find the famous Brazilian bikini set.

What is the most comfortable swimwear?

The most comfortable swimwear has to fit you in all ways, colors, style and the right size, so you can feel  Comfy and pretty. 

How do you pick beachwear?

Before picking your beachwear, you need to know where you’re gonna use them. If you wanna spend a day and chill at the beach, choose a two-piece bikini, but for a night out downtown you can use a one-piece swimsuit with shorts. 

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