Privacy Politic

Cia. Marítima's Privacy Policy aims to demonstrate its commitment to the security and privacy of the information collected through user registry on this website.
Cia. Marítima will keep all information provided by its users intact, not disclosing them under any circumstances, and making sure that it will only use it for the correct progress of an order and/or when the user wishes to receive our newsletter and/or news, promotions, new launches, etc. All this information is important for the CIA MARITIMA ONLINE STORE, because it helps make the website target its users better in the search for total satisfaction in all purchase procedures. The data provided is saved in our database automatically and stored in complete safety without human intervention.
Cia. Marítima may use "cookies" (small text files that are stored on your computer to track movements within websites), aiming to make visits to our website more attractive and allow the use of certain features. Users may activate, at any time, mechanisms on their computer to inform them when they are activated or to prevent them from being installed. Cia. Marítima will have no obligation to provide such mechanisms. In this case, not all website features will be available. This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time, without the need for any prior communication and/or notice.
Sending Emails
When you visit our website, a window may appear where your email address is requested. You decide whether or not you want to receive our emails with exclusive product launches and promotions. Emails will be sent with your consent and can be deactivated at any time, through the link on your email.
All intellectual property rights regarding images, texts and distinctive signs contained on this website are reserved, and any reproduction or disclosure, for commercial purposes or otherwise, in any communication media, including the web, without prior approval in writing by CIA. Marítima is prohibited, according to Law No. 9.610 of February 19, 1998 and Law No. 9.279 of May 14, 1996, which provide respectively on Copyright and Industrial Property Rights.
Terms of use
Cia. Marítima is not responsible for any inaccurate and/or incorrect information about its products, as well as for omissions or inconsistencies in the content of its website and/or equipment failures.
Users are fully aware and do not oppose the fact that the products inserted in catalogs and/or newsletters and/or on the own webpages: loja.ciamaritima.com.br may not be available in any of the Cia. Marítima and/or its franchisees stores, since certain items are merely illustrative and are not available for sale.
Product colors may vary and no be exactly the same, since they depend on the monitor and technology used by each user, with Cia. Marítima not being held liable in the case of color inaccuracy.
At no time shall Cia. Marítima, its directors, employees, franchisees and/or suppliers be liable for any damages, losses, expenses, performance failures, interruption, defect, virus and/or system and/or website failures.
By accessing this website, and/or providing their personal data, users automatically declare they acknowledge and accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.
Users will be totally responsible for guaranteeing the accuracy and correctness of the personal information provided on this website, and hereby exempts Cia. Marítima from any responsibility and/or inconvenience regarding the inaccuracy of such information, and with Cia. Marítima also being able to suspend or terminate, regardless of notification, user registration accounts and refuse all use.
We are authorized to transmit your information to third parties if this is necessary to comply with legal regulations (e.g. of the federal data protection law) as in the case of the transmission of data to authorities of criminal prosecution and inspection for the defense of dangers to public safety, as well as criminal prosecution.
All rights in this website, as well as the "Cia. Marítima" brand, belong solely to Cia. Marítima, and users cannot use any of the content of this website, without the expressed prior written consent from Cia. Marítima, under the penalties provided for in the legislation in force.
Safe Purchases
The CIA MARITIMA Online Store guarantees the protection of a secure purchase for its users, because we use the dedicated Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Security Certificate, which encrypts and protects the data sent by users via the internet. The Digicert system guarantees to users that their information and transactions will be stored and protected during the purchase act. All information used in our system, from the password to the payment data, is encrypted, thus preventing any type of modification or consultation by third parties.
Purchases can only be concluded with up to five pieces of the same model, in other words, in the same size and color.