Beach Tennis Solid-Color Shorts
Beach Tennis Solid-Color Shorts

Beach Tennis Solid-Color Shorts

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Solid-color Shorts with anatomic waistband, back pocket, internal Bermuda shorts, and contrasting cutouts.
The Beach Tennis collection was developed with beach sports in mind. Its fabrics contain compression, elasticity, breathability and thermal comfort. The colors make every day feel like Summer, thanks to the mixture of fluorescent colors with neutral tones .

Reference: 02201
Collection: Beach Tennis
Fabric: New Trip + Bio Body + New Zealand

New Trip: 92% Polyamide and 8% Spandex.
The fabric has a soft and resistant texture. Its structure presents micropores that provide great breathability and quick drying feature. Recommended use: All types of sports.

New Zealand: Polyamide 91.8% e 12 % Spandex.
High compression fabric, provides muscle support, is robust and soft to the touch. Recommended use: high-impact sports. Thermal comfort, breathability.

Bio Body: 100% Polyamide.
Biodegradable fabric, with thread technology that decomposes in 3 years when disposed of correctly. Fast drying, breathability, thermal comfort and lightness. Recommended use: Is generally used in our halter tops and T-shirts; therefore, is suitable for all types of sports and everyday use.
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