Frosty Solid-color Leggings
Frosty Solid-color Leggings
Frosty Solid-color Leggings

Frosty Solid-color Leggings

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Colors are highlighted in this collection. The mixture of hues is a throwback to the 80's and creates a more fashionable look to the pieces. Our technology is provided through the Athletic, New Zealand, Premium, and Bio Body fabrics, which offer the right amount of compression and breathability. Solid-color Leggings with anatomical waistband, with contrasting cutouts and trimming, and back pocket on the waistband. Light compression. Reference:  02340 Collection: Frosty Fabric: Atletika, Premium, New Zealand, New Zealand: 88% Polyamide and 12% Spandex.  High-compression fabric, provides support, is soft to the touch, and contains black thread technology. Suggested use: high-impact sports. Atletika: 73.5% Polyamide and 26.25% Spandex.  Suggested use: low- and medium-impact sports and everyday use. Low compression and lots of elasticity, which facilitates your movements during physical activities. Premium: 81.6% Polyamide 18.4% Spandex. Low-compression fabric, cool to the touch and high elasticity, providing plenty breathability and  freedom to your movements. Suggested use: medium- and low-impact sports.

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