Health Solid-color Leggings
Health Solid-color Leggings
Health Solid-color Leggings

Health Solid-color Leggings

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Stripes, cutouts, BFS logo and a mixture of matte and glossy, are the elements that make up the Health Collection. The pieces contain the Trilobal Fit, Ciré and New Zealand fabrics, which provide elasticity and comfort. Besides, there's the great novelty of the Jacquard fabric, which has an exclusive texture, making the pieces unique. Solid-color Leggings with anatomical waistband, contrasting cutouts and with back pockets. Medium Compression. Reference: 2276  Collection: Health  Fabric: Trilobal Fit, Ciré, New Zealand. Trilobal Fit: 87.09 % Polyamide and 12.91 % Spandex. Medium compression, glossy fabric with elasticity, and dry to the touch. Suggested use: generally used in our halter tops and T-shirts, and therefore, recommended for all types of sports and everyday use. Ciré: 79% Polyamide + 21% Spandex. Fabric with a rubberized and great-fitting look. Suggested use: everyday low- and medium-impact sports.  New Zealand: 88% Polyamide and 12% Spandex.  High-compression fabric, provides support, is soft to the touch, and contains black thread technology. Suggested use: high-impact sports.

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