Lifestyle Double Shorts

Lifestyle Double Shorts

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Double Shorts consisting of a shorter and loose-fitting piece on the outside and longer and tighter on the inside. Provides total comfort and security while performing physical activities, without revealing your curves. Outside shorts made in webbing with a slight see-through effect, and the inside acting as lining to hide the see-through effect on the skin. Made in Netz, a fabric with superior breathability providing better moisture management during physical activities. Lining made in Luna Microfiber with UV Protection. Ensures thermal protection and natural perspiration evaporation. Ideal for matching with several top, t-shirt and sneaker models, because it’s a basic piece and a wildcard in your wardrobe. Fabric: 100% polyamide Fit Way Microfiber. New Zealand Microfiber 91.8% polyamide and 8.2% elastane. Made in LYCRA® SPORT, LYCRA®. Reference: 319 Collection: Lifestyle

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