Popps Solid-color Special Top
Popps Solid-color Special Top
Popps Solid-color Special Top

Popps Solid-color Special Top

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Solid-color Special top with removable cups, Ciré cutouts, trim cutouts and straps in contrasting colors. Light support. The Popps family has a modern design because of its cutouts that mix up the fabrics' shine and matt tones. Ref #: 01955 Line: Popps
Fabric: New Zealand Black + New Zealand + Ciré + Trilobal Fit + Luna + Mesh + Body Energy New Zealand Black: 88% Polyamide and 12% Elastane. High-compression fabric, providing support, soft touch and Black technology in the threads. Suggested use: high-impact sports. Ciré: 79% Polyamide + 21% Elastane. A great fitting fabric with a rubbery texture. New Zealand: Polyamide 91.8% and 12 % Elastane. High-compression fabric, providing muscle support and is soft to the touch. Suggested use: high-impact sports. Thermal comfort and breathability. Mesh: Light, comfortable, breathable and sheer fabric.
Luna: 88.6% Polyamide and 11.4% Elastane. Feels pleasant in contact with the skin, ensures perfect thermal protection and the natural evaporation of perspiration. UV protection. Trilobal Fit: 87.09 %, Polyamide and 12.91 % Elastane. Compression fabric, with medium shine and elasticity, dry to the touch. Suggested use: usually worn with our halter tops and t-shirts. Suggested use: all types of sports and everyday use. Body Energy: 69.44 % Polyamide and 30.56 % Elastane. The Soft Comfort Lycra provides compression strength that's more comfortable, in addition to having a lot of elasticity, it's slightly shinny. Exclusive Body For Sure fabric. Suggested use: Low and medium impact sports and everyday use.