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Black Friday Swimwear - Bikini and One-Piece Sale

The Black Friday swimwear is the best moment to get all the beachwear that you need to create amazing summer looks for next year. If you choose Cia Maritima you will find great bikinis and one-piece swimwear to choose from.
Cia Marítima is the best place to enjoy the bikini and one-piece sale during their Black Friday sales event. Besides a great price we offer highest quality, UV protection and an assortment of colors and prints for all tastes.


Bikinis on sale

Bikinis are the most popular swimwear to use at the beaches, pool parties, lakes and even to just hang out at the local club or beachfront bar. The two-piece swimsuits are the woman’s go-to because they offer a huge variety of colors and prints, with the possibility to create many new looks with different pieces, a great way to get the best summer tan and comfort.
Think of all the benefits that bikinis can bring. You need to check the bikini sale during the Black Friday on the Cia Marítima website.


One-piece swimsuit on sale

Besides the bikini Black Friday, the one-piece swimsuit is on sale also, and has been very successful at @CiaMarítima. The one-piece has a lot of benefits for women, some of them are:

  • Better protection from the sun;
  • No need for a cover up ;
  • Added Comfort;
  • can be worn out as casual wear with jeans, shorts or skirt;
  • One-Piece can make you feel more comfortable showing less skin.


Black Friday is at Cia Marítima website!

You can get bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, monokini, hot pants, summer clothes and accessories at the Black Friday swimsuits sale at @CiaMarítima. Here you can find quality, durability and a lot of options to create the best summer looks ever!



1. Where to buy swimsuits online?

During Black Friday or not, the best place to get your swimsuits online is at Cia Marítima’s website. You will find UV protection, quality, durability, different colors and prints.
Besides that you can create your own set and complement them with summer clothes and accessories.

2. Where to buy Brazilian bikinis?

You can get your Brazilian bikinis also at Cia Marítima’s Black Friday sales event, where you can buy different swimwear at the best prices of the year.

3. What is the most comfortable swimwear?

The most comfortable swimwear is very personal, it's up to you. If you are someone who prefers more coverage showing less skin then a one-piece is the way to go but if you want to flash some skin and grab that beautiful summer tan then the bikini is it.

4. How do you pick beachwear?

To pick beachwear you need to think about comfort and preferences, what you really like more. To get comfort, cover up, sun protection and a piece to wear as casual wear, choose a one-piece.
If you prefer a perfect summer tan, the possibility to create different combinations with different colors and prints, without loosing comfort, go with a bikini.
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