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Solid Color Bikini

Getting the right bikini color makes all the difference to enjoy a sunny day at the beach, pool, lake or at your favorite spot to get a perfect summer tan.
If you want to know how to mix and match solid color bikinis and all the benefits to buying your bikini set at Cia Marítima, keep reading.


How to mix and match solid color bikini

Mixing and matching solid colors can be a real challenge for all women, so it is important to know some tips that can help you to create a perfect bikini set with solid color.
Follow these tips:

One color have to complement the other

It is important that one color complements the other one, for example, if you choose a bikini top solid red the bottom can be green. Another example is to choose a blue top with an orange bottom.

Same color different tones

It's possible to create a summer look with one color, but in different tones. You can mix solid colors with dark ones or a light color with a dark one.

Differents types and differents colors

Another way to create a unique set is to choose different types of pieces and different colors. For example, you can go with a black hot pants with a pink bandeau top.


Get your solid color bikini at Cia Marítima

If you look for quality, durability, UV protection and a lot of options of styles, sizes and colors, Cia Marítima’s website is the right place for you. Here you can buy one set or create your own with the color and the style you like, check it out and get ready to rock out this summer. 


1. Where to buy swimsuits online?

If you need to buy swimsuits online, count on @CiaMarítima. Here you can find bikinis, monokinis, one-pieces, summer clothes and much more to guarantee you an amazing summer.

2. Where to buy Brazilian bikinis?

You want to try something different and be bold? You need to buy your Brazilian bikini set at the Cia Marítima website.

3. What is the most comfortable swimwear?

Comfortable swimwear has to allow you to enjoy your day in the pool at the beach running and playing without the worry of any mishaps or feeling discomfort after extended time of use.

4. How do you pick beachwear?

To pick beachwear you need to find the color that works best for you, the right size, the style that makes you most comfortable and the coverage you really like.
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