About Us

Cia. Marítima is a Brazilian company founded on June 7, 1990. It operates in the beachwear segment and is the largest Latin American company in its segment. The company stands out in its segment since the beginning for creating a beachwear concept and not only in producing bikinis.
Since the company belongs to the Rosset Group, the largest manufacturer of Lycra® fabric in South America, the brand uses the know-how that serves as the basis for the textile development of its products, which consist of high-tech fabrics and trims in addition to exclusive prints. As a result, the company has gained space as the largest launcher of trends in this competitive segment.
Cia. Marítima embarks on this favorable climate and increasingly invests in the technological development of all its lines, which at each new collection presents new fabrics, exclusive models, which are a reference at all beaches in Brazil. During all these years, Cia. Marítima has established a unique quality standard in the beachwear industry. The perfect modeling and fashion information presented in impacting and glamorous fashion shows have become a reference for the fashion world and with this trajectory of success, the brand can be found in over 1,000 sales outlets in Brazil. In order to gain space in fashion and expand the relationship with multi-brands around the world, the company takes advantage of the best in international trends and translates styles into its products for greater range in all countries where it operates.