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Printed Bikini

Summer is the official time to chill, put on your bikini by the pool at the beach, or spend the weekend at a lake house with family and friends. .
The printed bikini is perfect for summer looks and all those moments. If you want to know how to mix and match these pieces and why Cia Marítima is the best place to buy yours, keep reading.


How to mix and match printed bikini

The biggest challenge for women is to mix and match printed bikinis with elegance and style. It is important to know what can and can not be done to get a balanced look.
Here are 4 tips, to make this easier, check it out:


Find a common color

The base color has to match, for example, you can choose a blue and green floral bikini. Or you can mix light tones with dark tones, both in the same color. Like this you can coordinate and balance your looks with different prints and colors schemes.

Look for synergy

It is important to have one element of synergy to match the prints, it can be the style, color, scale or theme.

Size matters

You need one focal point to draw the eyes, for example, small stripes and larger florals make for a great combo, because the larger florals draw the eyes and the small stripes complement. It's possible to pick different styles with the same print, for example, a tiny top bikini with hot pants.


Get your printed bikini at Cia Marítima

Cia Marítima is the best place to buy your printed bikini set, you will find the highest quality, durability, UV protection, different sizes, styles and lots of options of prints.



1. Where to buy swimsuits online?

Cia Marítima’s collections are full of options, you can buy all your swimsuits online on our website. You can find bikinis, one-piece, summer clothes and accessories.

2. Where to buy Brazilian bikinis?

At @CiaMarítima you can find the famous printed Brazilian bikinis, you can create your own set for an amazing summer look.

3. What is the most comfortable swimwear?

The most comfortable swimwear has to give you comfort and confidence all the time. You need to look for pieces in the best material to get quality and durability.

4. How do you pick beachwear?

To pick beachwear you need to know how much coverage you prefer, for more cover up goe with a one-piece, for less cover up a two piece swimsuit is the perfect choice.
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