Beach Tennis Shorts
Beach Tennis Shorts
Beach Tennis Shorts

Beach Tennis Shorts

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Shorts with anatomical waistband with elastic, back pocket, inner swim trunks, braiding and contrasting cutouts.

Reference: 02199
Collection: Beach Tennis
Fabrics: Elastic, Luna and New Zealand.

Elastic: 90% Polyester.
Fabric with a "far away" structure (elasticity in both directions of the thread), great fit, flexibility and quick drying. Indication for use: Sports in general and day to day composing an athleisure look.

Luna: 88.6% Polyamide and 11.4% Elastane.
Pleasant touch in contact with the skin, it guarantees perfect thermal protection and the natural evaporation of perspiration. U.V protection Indication for use: All types of day-to-day sports.

New Zealand: 91.8% Polyamide and 12% Elastane.
High compression fabric, offers support to the muscles, is full-bodied and has a soft touch. Indication of Use for high impact sports. Thermal comfort, breathability.

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