Colorful Short-sleeve T-shirt

Colorful Short-sleeve T-shirt

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The Colorful collection brings essential monochromatic pieces with some of the collection’s colors. Its unique feature is the possibility of using the models in different ways, combining them with each other or mixing the colors. The New Zealand and Training were chosen because of their compression technology and breathability. Colorful short sleeve T-shirt, made with Training fabric, with small holes that provide fast evaporation of perspiration and the body’s thermal control. The fabric also provides a light touch to the body. Model in vibrant colors, which will make you look modern and stylish. Collection: Colorful Reference: 1388 Fabric: Training Training: 90% Polyamide, 10% Spandex. Made of microfiber that ensures softness and comfort when in contact with the skin. The fabric has micropores to ensure breathability and the natural evaporation of perspiration. Note: The product’s Neon hue might present slight color variations depending on your monitor.

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