Tiger T-Back Top
Tiger T-Back Top

Tiger T-Back Top

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*Removable cups Collection: Tiger Reference: 1150 High-Tech Fabrics Clubber: No-show fabric that doesn't crumple, its netting is soft to the touch and made in mesh, which provides comfort, greater absorption and dispersion of moisture, ensuring fast drying, thermal comfort and breathability. Composition: Polyamide 78% and Elastane 22% Futura: Fabric developed with body movements in mind. Soft and cool to the touch, and the polyamide microfiber with elastane ensure high elasticity and fit that enhances the silhouette. Composition: Polyamide 76.6% and Elastane 23.4% Luna: Fabric developed with texturized Polyamide microfiber, which provides a light feel. The technology also has perfect thermal protection and natural perspiration evaporation. It's opaque, light and has the right amount of elasticity. Ideal for light-compression activities. *UV protection certified. Composition: Polyamide 88.6% and Elastane 11.4% Premium: Elastic fabric that doesn't hinder movements and offers breathability while maintaining your body cool during your workout. Composition: 81.6% Polyamide; 18.4% Elastane

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